I know I’m mean sometimes. And sarcastic. And cynical. And loud. And messy. And vulgar. And I smoke too much and occasionally I drink a little too much. I know I’m lazy sometimes and I procrastinate. I know I’m not the most gorgeous girl you’ll ever meet, nor am I the most interesting. I may not have something I’m really good at or really passionate about. And I know I get really moody and wreckless sometimes and don’t think before I speak. But I’m still a human being. And I think I deserve a little respect. And to be treated like I matter sometimes. Is that too much to ask?

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  1. rrrrjrrrr said: woah it cut me off but yeah, don’t feel poopy at all ever because you are the best. everything that you discussed are normal human traits that everyone does, and the fact that you can acknowledge them is healthy. I love you <3333
  2. felin3warrior said: Youre fucking awesome Julia, never forget that lady!
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